The Android mobile version of the web-based ImproveMyCity application

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An open source smartphone application that allows citizens to report, vote and track non-emergency issues through their mobile phone.


ImproveMyCityMobile is an open source smartphone application for Android devices that allows citizens to report all types of issues related to their neighborhood. The mobile application complements (and is fully interconnected with) the ImproveMyCity web application for reporting issues from web terminals. The android application fully resembles the functionality of the web version, with the additional features of: a) automatic extraction of the problem’s location through the GPS sensor, b) easy capturing a photo of the problem through the phone’s camera, c) storing the data locally to the phone for offline use, and d) downloading only the issues around the phone’s current position.


What is it?

The application enables citizens to report local problems such as potholes, illegal trash dumping, faulty street lights, broken tiles on sidewalks, and illegal advertising boards. The submitted issues are displayed on the city's map. Users may add photos and comments. Moreover, they can suggest solutions for improving the environment of their neighbourhood.

Who is it for?

Through the application local government agencies enable citizens and local actors to take action to improve their neighborhood. Reported cases then go directly into the city’s work order queue for resolution, and users are informed how quickly the case will be closed. When cases are resolved the date and time of the resolution is listed, providing users with the sense that the city is on the job.

Why choose it?

The web based application has been developed within the European Project PEOPLE, in close cooperation with URENIO Research Unit, the Municipality of Thermi and user groups. It is therefore a truly user-centered digital application, adapted to the needs Municipalities and local communities. The Android mobile version is developed by the Information Technologies Institute.


Full feature list


For running the mobile application: Android version 2.3.3 (API 10 Gingerbread) or later is required.

For modifying the source code: The code has been generated with Android Studio 1.1.0 and the Android SDK (Android 2.3.3 – API 10) including the Google Play Services library. Be sure that you have already installed them in your machine.

The mobile application is developed to communicate with the back-end component of ImproveMyCity web application (v.2.6.0) for Joomla (v2.5.28), so in order to access the full functionality you need also to follow the instructions for installing ImproveMyCity


A demo of the Android Application is available on GooglePlay. The corresponding demo-server is accessible at IMC demo server.

Getting Started